A stress-free Christmas, it’s really  possible

stress free Christmas

Christmas may give you mixed feelings. On the one hand, the good atmosphere in that month, with all the decorations and lights. Good food and drinks and the cosiness. On the other hand, the Christmas stress may hit you. What are we going to do this year, who is coming and how are we going […]

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Think out of the box, or in other words let your imagination run wild

Out of the box

How do people do that, think “out of the box”. And can you too? Yes of course you can, you can just learn it. Few people think outside the box. Even fewer people think as if there is no box at all. These people are not held back by what others think. They stay true […]

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Do you want to be more attractive?

How to be more attractive

 It’s in something different than you might think. Would you like to be more attractive? When you’re at a party or meeting that people will come to meet you? And not only that, but that they like you and are fascinated by you? Or that you are stand out at work? Attraction is more than […]

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Do you want to sleep well and wake up rested? Here’s how to do that


Do you also love to wake up refreshed and rested? The feeling that you wake up in the morning and have had a good night’s sleep is not always given for everyone. For example, it really took me years to get a good night’s sleep. Usually, it went reasonably well, but regularly I had periods […]

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The beauty of aging


Beautiful ageing is for everyone and therefore also for you. It took me a while to realize that it really is. Anyone can really age well. Your mindset is perhaps the most important. To be honest, getting older has frightened me more than once. So, around the age of fifty, it could occasionally terrified me […]

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This is how you stop worrying

Good news for the worriers among us (including myself). Worrying can be mastered to a large extent, so you can make your life a little easier. You also have much more time and energy for beautiful thoughts that make you happier and happier. Worrying is hardly unknown to anyone, but excessive worrying is not for […]

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5 reasons why I do fitness, and they work for you too


Everyone knows that exercise is essential for healthy aging. We cannot prevent ourselves from getting older, but we can prevent how we grow old, and that includes not only healthy eating but also exercise. I have done many different sports in my life, but for me fitness together with strength training and play has been […]

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Corona Crisis, how to cope with it

In a few weeks, everyone’s life has changed enormously because of the Corona. No one can escape this pandemic and he touches everyone at the core of their existence. We live in a time that we have never experienced, and which is not over quickly. Many people feel insecure, anxious and confused, which is quite […]

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Classic Gazpacho

Classic Gazpacho is the perfect soup for a hot day. I think it is one of the tastiest Spanish dishes, it is light and fresh, but also good filling. The advantage is that it is very easy to make, and you do not have to stand over a warm fire on a hot day. There […]

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Taberna Arzabal Museo Reina Sofia: the most beautiful terrace in Madrid

  One of the most beautiful terraces in Madrid is that of Taberna Arzabal Museo Reina Sofia. I have been there a few times during my last stay in Madrid and would definitely like to go back next time. The terrace of Taberna Arzabal is located near the Reina Sofia museum. If you have just […]

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The most delicious Golden Milk

  You can find the recipe for the most delicious Golden Milk here. I was not a tea drinker at all, and I confess, not even a milk drinker until I came across the Golden Milk recipe or Tumeric Tea a few years ago. The recipe sounded exciting and out of curiosity and because I […]

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Released from multitasking

Lately, I read more and more articles about multitasking. And not about how it should be done and that it is all so great, but that research shows that it is not so good for you. And I think that’s great news. Finally, I am freed from multitasking! For years I have tried to do […]

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La Scala in Milan

There are so many beautiful things to see and do in Milan, but what I think is one of the highlights in the city is the theatre La Scala. This most famous opera building in the world is very worthwhile to visit. The theatre is really beautiful with all the gold and red plush and […]

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The most delicious tarte tatin with tomatoes

The tastiest tarte tatin with tomatoes is a variation on the original tarte tatin with apple. Tarte tatin is actually an inverted apple pie, originally from France. There are countless variations on this cake, but mostly with sweet ingredients such as apple or peach. This savory tarte tatin with tomatoes is very surprising in taste. […]

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A city trip to Helsinki

  For a short city trip, you do not think so quickly, but Helsinki is definitely a must for a weekend away. The climate is colder than here and the greatest chance of good weather is in the months of May to August. The city is only two hours flight from Schiphol Amsterdam, so the […]

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