La Scala in Milan

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There are so many beautiful things to see and do in Milan, but what I think is one of the highlights in the city is the theatre La Scala. This most famous opera building in the world is very worthwhile to visit. The theatre is really beautiful with all the gold and red plush and without much imagination, you imagine yourself a few centuries ago.
The theatre dates back to 1778 and is just as decorated as at that time. If you look around, you will see the beautiful lodges around the stage. There is room for 2600 people. There is room for 6 people in the lodges. If you book a ticket for a lodge, you should book the two front seats because they are the most comfortable.

The view from the lodge over the hall and the other lodges alone makes the evening good. The nice thing about visiting ‘Teatro alla Scala’ is that both the ladies and the gentlemen do their utmost to look beautiful. Many women come in evening dresses and that makes it even more festive.
In the break, you can drink a glass of Spumante in the beautiful foyer with crystal chandeliers. This is enchanting. Personally, I find the room and foyer a bit like Carré in Amsterdam, but La Scala is just a bit more fairytale.
You can book fairly easily via Teatro alla Scala. The tickets are sold out very quickly, so you better book them first before you book your trip.

Very different pieces are performed. I have now seen a ballet performance and an opera, both of course of a high level and very worthwhile. I hope to get tickets next time for the hall, where the seats are more comfortable.

If you do not need performance, you can also make a backstage tour through the Museo Teatrale (the theatre museum). You will get a lot of background information and you also have access to the room. In any case, it is nice to visit this museum, as there are old musical instruments, clothing and paintings to admire. If you go to a performance: make it a party. Dress nicely with all the bells and whistles, if you want. You will never be overdressed. Drink Champagne and give your ears and eyes a living. You will have an unforgettable evening.

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