Corona Crisis, how to cope with it

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In a few weeks, everyone’s life has changed enormously because of the Corona. No one can escape this pandemic and he touches everyone at the core of their existence. We live in a time that we have never experienced, and which is not over quickly.

Many people feel insecure, anxious and confused, which is quite understandable. We have suddenly lost control of our lives and need to be constantly vigilant, and the media reinforces this uncertainty. Before the crisis, we often had the idea that our life was makeable and that we were in control, and now suddenly BAM, that is gone. It is logical that everyone is out of balance and must find a new balance. And then it can be quite a challenge to stay positive.

We suddenly have to stay at home and if we still have work we often do this at home under not always ideal circumstances. The whole event can create a lot of stress, frustration, sadness, and anger. It is very understandable that you have all those feelings, and often at the same time. Sometimes that’s hard to deal with and they can flood you. That is also understandable and it is OK. What I want to say is that it is OK that you have those feelings and that you allow them too. You can feel all those emotions and live them. It is not good to put these emotions away because you may feel that you should continue with your life and only be strong. You can share them with others, preferably dosed, and talk about them. That only makes you feel better.

It is important that you keep in touch with yourself and your feelings. And that you are not sedated by pushing your emotions away. What can help is to let all feelings flow through you while listening to a song that evokes something in you. For me, for example, this is “I will survive” by Gloria Gaynor.

Remember that there is no straight way to go through this, and we will all have to go through ups and downs and get out of here. Everyone also has their own method for this and that is also OK. Some days will be better than others, and some days you will be more productive than others. That is why it is not strange to give yourself permission to be sometimes completely unproductive during this period. For some people, it is nice to take on a project and do things that they normally do not get around to, but keep a measure, so that it does not lead to stress. Reducing stress is also a priority today. Easier said than done, but still something to watch out for. There are simple things that you can do or not do, such as follow the news. On every channel it is almost only about the virus, and the negative news flows into your brain. Of course it is important to follow the news, but get used to doing this once a day, and then through a channel you trust. Too much negative news is not good for your health, and it does not make you feel better, on the contrary.

And I can’t emphasize it enough, but make sure you get enough sleep, drink enough water, eat healthy, get enough exercise, and come out every day responsibly. If possible, keep your daily routine or build a new one. Also, try to have fun. You charge yourself when you enjoy something and can laugh. Limit the time on your phone, also a buyer, but do you do that too?

Taking good care of yourself emotionally, mentally, and physically is so important today. Be kind to yourself. If you do that, you can also be better for others. That is important not only now, but certainly also in the future.

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