Taberna Arzabal Museo Reina Sofia: the most beautiful terrace in Madrid

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One of the most beautiful terraces in Madrid is that of Taberna Arzabal Museo Reina Sofia. I have been there a few times during my last stay in Madrid and would definitely like to go back next time. The terrace of Taberna Arzabal is located near the Reina Sofia museum. If you have just visited this beautiful museum, you can also reach this restaurant with terrace inside. Especially if you have walked through the museum for a couple of hours and have become a bit cooked from all the paintings you have seen, it is the perfect place to recover. You can easily let your thoughts pass by and enjoy all the beauty that you have seen in the museum. It is certainly a nice conclusion to a morning or afternoon.

The terrace is very nicely decorated, very tasteful with beautiful colours. When it is hot, there are coolers for cooling that ensure that it is pleasantly cool and you feel a small breeze. The terrace is covered with various exotic flowers and it seems as if you ended up in an oasis. The whole is divided into different pieces and you can have a drink and a snack at high or low tables.

There is a huge amount of herbs that are also processed in the restaurant’s dishes. There is also a large greenhouse where you can eat and there is a part furnished for dinner or lunch. The atmosphere is almost fairy-like and the food is special and delicious. Perhaps the only downside of the tavern is the price, which is a bit on the high side, but that is a very nice place. For me, it is an absolute topper, this terrace. If you are in Madrid I advise you to visit this place. I think with great pleasure that I have sat there and will definitely be there again on my next trip to Madrid.

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