A stress-free Christmas, it’s really  possible

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stress free Christmas

Christmas may give you mixed feelings. On the one hand, the good atmosphere in that month, with all the decorations and lights. Good food and drinks and the cosiness. On the other hand, the Christmas stress may hit you. What are we going to do this year, who is coming and how are we going to have a good time. Especially in this time when we don’t know whether we can all celebrate it together.

I myself would like to celebrate Christmas with all the children and grandchildren. Challenge 1 is then to find a suitable day and time. A challenge with so many other families who also want to celebrate Christmas. For the little ones, an evening is often a hassle with going to bed on time. For a few years now I no longer prepare a Christmas dinner, but a Christmas brunch. Ideal.

All children and partners have enough time for the other family, and we prepare a healthy and light lunch. Getting together early in the afternoon is a perfect solution for me. After lunch, chat with who lingers for a while and eat the leftovers in the evening (in front of the TV ?). Christmas should be fun and relaxed, and that brings me to these 11 tips:

  1. Remember that Christmas is all about being together and socializing. Above all, enjoy and do not set the threshold too high for anything. That makes it a lot more fun for everyone.
  2. Plan what you want to eat long enough in advance. Find tasty recipes that can also be prepared in advance. If necessary, talk to your partner about who does what.
  3. If you are not a great kitchen princess, prepare some recipes ahead of time to try them out. And prepare as many dishes as possible in advance, often a few days in advance.
  4. You can easily ask different people to bring a dish, if preparing a whole Christmas dinner is too much for you. There is a good chance that everyone will enjoy that too.
  5. Don’t try to turn your house into a showroom by doing the big cleaning beforehand. Really, no one pays attention to that except you.
  6. Make sure you get enough sleep for Christmas and before. Going to bed on time and keeping a regular schedule also work best on these days. Drink little coffee and alcohol (even though it can be a bit tricky). Christmas can be tiring, and that’s how you can stay fresh.
  7. Troublesome family members. They occur in most families. It can be quite a challenge, but, stay peaceful and calm. For once, let it pass you. Just don’t expect too much from others, everyone remains their own person Christmas or no Christmas.
  8. Go outside for a while if you can. If necessary, you can go out into the fresh air on your own.
  9. If it gets too much for you, take a short break. Just half an hour of me-time. Retire to the bath or bedroom for a moment and let everything go for a while.

Most importantly, celebrate Christmas in the way that feels right to you. Make your own choices and do not celebrate Christmas the way others want it. And if you like Christmas with or without these tips, then I wish you sparkling days!

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