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Coaching can mean many different things. For me, it is to help women overcome obstacles in their lives so that they can have life the way they want it and what is meant for them.

Coaching is a dynamic two-way process. In addition, a lot is asked of the woman in my target group. The change she is going through is not always without a struggle. It may feel tricky at times, but it may be necessary to get the growth it needs and get to the goal is set. Trading some years of habits for something that is better for you can be tough, and demand a lot from someone. On the other hand, once that process of change has been set in motion, she experiences an enormous sense of satisfaction and gets so much in return for the effort. She will have a healthier, more successful and happier mindset and face life more powerful, loving and proud.

My coaching style
My coaching style is pragmatic and focused on the outcome, but also trusted and understanding.
My mission is to let you get close to yourself, and to (re) discover your inner strength. I give you the handles in a safe environment for the changes you want in your life. I do not advise you, but guide you during a period in your life, because I think that every person has everything in himself to make the changes that his will makes and to get the life that he or she prefers or she most wants.

There is no “one size fits all” in coaching
Everybody and mind are different. That is why we investigate what you need together and make a tailor-made plan for it. I guide you to the final result determined by you. We will look at what you really want and find important in life, relationship, career, and your health. We explore new possibilities and explore them step by step.
That way, you will eventually have your health and life in your own hands (again).

Let me help you create that beautiful life.