The beauty of aging

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Beautiful ageing is for everyone and therefore also for you. It took me a while to realize that it really is. Anyone can really age well. Your mindset is perhaps the most important.

To be honest, getting older has frightened me more than once. So, around the age of fifty, it could occasionally terrified me that I was getting more and more wrinkles and my body was also having a bit more trouble recovering after a hard week, a nice evening with a lot of wine, or a tough workout.

I honestly didn’t like the loss of beauty in this broadest sense. This phase of life towards “mature woman” went with some fits and starts. But in the end, I embraced that phase of life and I think it is a great phase.

It certainly does not mean that I do not take care of myself anymore, on the contrary. I still spend time keeping fit and I enjoy it more and more. I immerse myself much more in nutrition and healthy living. I really enjoy buying nice clothes and getting dressed up.

Most importantly, I care much more about myself than I did a few years ago. I am happy and very happy with who I have become.

I would not want to be a day younger now and enjoy all the beautiful and fun things in my area. I know myself better and I know better what I want. I started to appreciate myself more and more and that feels really good. I wouldn’t want to experience the uncertainty I felt when I was 18. It is nice to be at a point in my life that I know better and better what is important in life and with which people you want to surround yourself. I generally don’t care what other people say or think about me. And that gives so much freedom.

It is such a shame that in our Western world, being young and looking young is still an obsession and that aging is certainly not easy for women. It makes women much more insecure than necessary, and I see women who are obsessively busy looking as young as possible. If you consider what a time and energy goes into that, which they could have used to have real fun.

I hope you recognize yourself in my story. To grow old happily, and that money for everyone, it’s best to embrace aging and see its beauty. It is wonderful to be able to get along better with yourself and to ignore what the world thinks of you.

It is good to give yourself and take good care of yourself. Also a fit and youthful appearance, beautiful clothing and makeup are excellent as long as you can be and stay yourself with this and do not do this to meet an image in society. Don’t do it for the environment, but do what feels right to you. There is so much beauty in aging.


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