A short trip to Paris

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With a short trip to Paris you can always make me happy.
Paris has so much to offer and you could spend weeks there. And within a few hours travel, you are in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe (you can also make a stop on the way see my article Musée Matisse du Cateau-Cambrésis). I would like to give you two tips that can make your short trip to Paris a little different from the other, namely taking the bus and visiting small exhibitions and exhibitions.

Public transport in Paris is excellent, but what I regret is that many people only use the metro. There is nothing wrong with that, of course, but you do dive directly under the ground and you do not see anything of the environment anymore. For that reason, I like to take the bus.
There is a very extensive network of bus lines and they also run every few minutes. I think it’s great to be on the bus for a while and just look at what’s going on. You can just buy a ‘carnet’ and you can take it for a while. The tickets are valid for 90 minutes and cost 1.70 each or for 10 tickets for 12 euros. Very cheap, especially if you compare it with the Netherlands. On the internet, you can find all the information about public transport in Paris on the site Paris by train. When you open the maps on this site you can see exactly where the lines are running and passing by.
It is also useful to download the app from RATP on your phone, then you immediately have all the information together.

As far as exhibitions and museums in Paris are concerned: you are soon inclined to go to the major museums and places of interest, but there are a lot of small museums and exhibition spaces where you can see very nice and surprising exhibitions. A matter of googling. For instance, Musée Maillol, which regularly has beautiful exhibits that are very worthwhile. When I visited this museum there was an exhibition of paintings by Picasso, Matisse, Braque and Leger.
And after a day of touring Paris, there is, of course, nothing more delicious than to sit down on a terrace for a nice glass of white wine! And there is no word of French. Cheers! 😉

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