Trofie with pesto sauce and beans

Trofie with pesto sauce and beans is a delicious variation on an original trofie. Pasta is a favorite dish for many people, including myself. I think Trofie is a very fine paste to work with. Trofie originally came from Genoa but today it is the pasta of the golfo di tigullio. This delicious recipe comes from […]

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Cold cucumber soup

  This cold cucumber soup is truly one of my favourite dishes for the summer. It is wonderfully refreshing and almost everyone likes it. You can serve the soup as a snack, at lunch, or at dinner. It is light but also tastes very creamy at the same time. By sprinkling red onion and alfalfa […]

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Green vegetable gazpacho

green gazpacho

This green vegetable gazpacho is a bit of an outsider because gazpacho is naturally red. Not everything that is made with tomatoes has to be red. Years ago I had a delicious dessert of sweetened green tomatoes on a small square in La Villa Joiosa. Then an absolute surprise for me so used to red […]

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