Achieve your goal in 6 steps

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Numerous books and articles have been written about how best to reach your goal. Many roads lead to Rome. What works for one person is absolutely inapplicable to the other. What I always find the most important is to determine what my goal really is. What is important to me and what do I want to achieve or change in the coming period? That is something that can also be subject to change.
That is why I work a lot with lists. Working may not be the right word, but I just write down a lot. If I think of something and I do not have my agenda with me, I put it on my phone. Then I can put it on my list later. That works best for me. If I have written something down, it is out of my mind and that brings me peace.

With regard to a number of issues, I set a target, for example for half a year. I work those bigger goals back to smaller goals. You can do this in a specially made booklet, where you have a lot of them nowadays, or like me, usually in my agenda. What I think is still the most essential to achieve your goal is that you fully support it. You really have to want it. Actually, you have to be a little excited about it.
For example, I would very much like to be able to deadweight 75 kilos. That is not easy and I need a plan for that. I will have to pay more attention to my diet and generally have to become fitter. For that, I will have to go to the gym several times a week and have to make sure that I am getting enough sleep. At the gym, I will also have to do a certain combination of exercises and have to figure out how much weight I have to add every week to get that 75 kilos.

These are the points that help me achieve my goals:

Write down. It is important that you write down clearly and accurately what you want to achieve and when. Set an end date. Then you note which intermediate steps are necessary to achieve this goal. Remember that your goal must also be realistic. It is good to dream big, but those dreams must, of course, be accessible.

Visualize. I try to imagine what it is like when I have reached my goal. That is motivating. (I think it would be great to be able to lift such a weight off the ground and that a bit 10 times)

Plan. As I said, it is important to cut your goal into small pieces that are clear and manageable. Keep in mind other things in your agenda, such as a vacation. Also make realistic planning that is not too tight, so that you experience stress again because that can not be the intention, of course.

Trust yourself and believe in your goal. I try to keep the goal I set myself as realistic as possible. Not that I do not go outside my comfort zone, but I am also who I am. If I have set a goal, then I also believe in the full hundred percent. (I know that if I work, those 75 kilos are feasible)

Effort. If I am certain of my goal, then I commit myself to it and I focus entirely on it. Nothing is more frustrating and debilitating for yourself than dropping out halfway because you have not used yourself completely.

Enjoy the result. It is very easy to go straight to the next when you reach your goal. I did that before, but nowadays I also try to enjoy what I have achieved, no matter how small or big it is. (Wow, I can already imagine how happy I will be if I have made it!)

If you stick to this, you have the best chance of reaching your goal. Not that it is always easy. Sometimes it does not go as you had planned and you will have to adjust your goal. But if you have finally achieved success, it gives so much satisfaction and confidence that you will not shy away from a new goal. I’m going to the 75 kilos!

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