Extinguished or burnt out? Do you want to feel sparkling and vital again but don’t know how to change yourself to achieve this? I want to help you get a healthier and more vital life. I offer you 4 free one-hour coaching sessions, as part of my Vitalogy Coach training.

A Vitalogy Coach is a coach who looks at and helps improve all five aspects of his or her life. By paying attention to and working on the vitalogical aspect (self-awareness) the body (physiological), the mind (psychological), the environment (ecological), and giving meaning (philosophically), the vitality of someone can improve significantly. This can be done both personally and in an organizational context. Vitalogie is a certified speciality.

Do you want to feel sustainably fitter, happier and better balanced? I now offer you the opportunity to achieve this in 4 two weekly coaching sessions of one hour.

The aim is to work with you to clarify your goals and challenges and to design a route along which you can achieve your goals.

In the first session, we will mainly look at the cause and background of the existing problems and clarify what you want or can do to achieve the desired goals.

In the following sessions, we will work towards the goal together. I will question you about your successes and provide obstacles and tools to make changes. I will give you a clear route you can go. Of course, you will have to walk the road yourself. This costs energy, but ultimately gives satisfaction.

In the fourth consultation, we will see whether goals have been achieved and the right direction has been found. From there you can then continue to strengthen your life force and joy with a plan that we draw up together.

Does this seem like something that applies to you? Sign up via the contact form. The number of free places is limited to 10.

Just this: If it is the case that we cannot meet face to face due to the intelligent lockdown, then I hope that with live video consulting we can offer an adequate alternative. Everything is confidential and your privacy is guaranteed.