You can always change your mind

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I am always surprised that you regularly see people in your environment or beyond who do not seem to dare to step out of a pattern, while they also do not make a particularly happy impression. They don’t seem to be very satisfied with their lives, but they just keep going. Are they not aware of it? What makes it that there will be no change so that they get more pleasure or satisfaction in their lives. I think that you can shape your life to a large extent yourself.

You can always change your mind. And I don’t just mean changing your mind about what you want to eat, or anything else basic, but changing your mind about what you want with your life, who you interact with, and what you like.
That sounds obvious, but just think how often you do things out of habit. That you are in a pattern or are used to doing something in a certain way because you always do it that way. You often go along with a stream, while it actually doesn’t feel so good if you think about it properly.

Then you can change your mind, and you can always change your mind.

If you do not do that, you don’t treat yourself well. It is also good to occasionally change your mind and not get stuck. Shaking things up because you want to do something completely different or you want to set up something else is just very refreshing.

Often people stay on a path that doesn’t satisfy them for years, or even their entire life, but are so afraid of change that it seems safer to continue on that path and not to take another path. Either they are afraid to disappoint others or make them angry with the fact that it appears that they are taking a different path, or not being the person the other person thinks he was. These people then always run into the same problems and do not get much further.

Now it is often astigmatic for your environment to see that you change and go in a different direction. Or no longer tolerates everything. Your environment will not always thank you for that and be able to sputter a lot in the beginning.
Certainly, if it is not the first time that you have done this, then your surroundings can sometimes shake their heads with pity or again make the necessary criticism. The environment often finds it best if everything stays the same and they don’t have to adapt. But you owe it to yourself to go your own way and remember that you are not accountable to anyone.

So ask yourself regularly whether what you like at the moment, or what you do, or with whom you interact, still gives you the satisfaction as before. If not, it’s time for a change. Once you have changed something you will be proud of yourself, and the special thing is, there is a chance that your environment will be too.

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