The power of lavender

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Lavender is a very powerful plant with beautiful purple flowers that are very popular. The plant can be found in almost every garden or balcony. They are the flowers from which the lavender oil is extracted. But did you know that this lavender oil is also one of the most used essential oils? It has been used for several purposes for several thousand years. I personally love the smell of lavender. It always brings me great memories of the South of France.
You can use lavender oil for countless purposes. I have written a few tips for you:

Put a few drops of oil on your pillow before you go to sleep. You will see that it is calming and that it is nice to fall asleep.
– Put a few drops on an evaporator and your whole room will smell like lavender.
– If you put a cloth with some lavender oil in the dryer, your laundry will get a wonderful smell.
– It is also very good for wounds. Lavender oil promotes its healing and has an anti-inflammatory effect. It also helps very well with contusions.
– If you have a cold or flu, drop some oil on a handkerchief and breathe in the air. You will see that it illuminates.
Mosquitoes absolutely do not like lavender: you can keep them at a distance. The oil also softens insect bites.
– A droplet (and no more than that) in your tea has a soothing effect.

Since I have discovered the lavender oil, I almost always have a bottle on hand. If you buy a bottle, you will see that you are going to use it more and more. You must, of course, ensure that you have pure natural oil and not synthetic, but I think that speaks for itself. (For example, you can go to the health food store).

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