Take good care of yourself.

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Do you know that, the feeling that something is not quite right in your life, that you are slightly unhappy, or tired and have little energy? I had that for ages.

I thought I took good care of myself by eating healthy, exercising enough and going to bed on time. And working hard because that was good for my self-development. At a certain point, a little voice in me wanted to be heard. I started to struggle with my circumstances. Sleeping got worse. But I still went on in the old way, working hard, pleasing others and ignored the little voice. Every day my tiredness was growing, but I went on as if nothing was happening. The voice got louder and louder and finally pulled the brake to stop me. Like a train is stopped by pulling the emergency brake. I couldn’t do anything anymore. All energy had vanished. I had to take a rest to recharge.

During this period I realized that running on the usual track was not good for me. Pleasing others in work and in private life took all my energy and even more, I offered my own wellbeing to alleviate the needs of others. I was literally draining my resources. 

I decided to take better care for myself and not just in a physical way. But also in time-management. Enough sleep and rest are always essential to keep performing. But the time that you reserve for yourself to experience inspiration and joy or see things that move you is essential. It allows me to work hard. But nowadays I set limits for myself. Too many deadlines interfere with healthy living. So I try to avoid irrational deadlines or the people who create them. It is sometimes difficult to keep negative energy out but it is awfully important for my wellbeing. I have become nicer for myself which feels very good. And, very importantly, I no longer have to strive for perfection. Good is good. My self-confidence and intuition are still growing.

Remarkably doors opened for me to create new opportunities.  My work has become more meaningful and rewarding. I still have to guard my limits. You can’t change the nature of a human being. But by being conscious of your limitations and your need for new energy you can perform better. I am very fortunate that this breakdown has given me lots of good things.

My advice to you is to avoid a burn-out. Start today with listening to your intuition and take good care of yourself. Allow yourself your own time. Don’t let others decide where your possibilities or limitations are. Take control and dare to do nothing now and then. This way you always will be the better version of yourself.

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