9 ways to stay young naturally

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There are countless ways to stay young while you grow older in years. And I do not mean the artificial therapies with botox or fillers (which I am not against btw). When I look around, I see many men and women who are perhaps younger in age but who give a much older impression. I think that’s a shame because I don’t think that’s always necessary. If you strive for a healthy and young lifestyle, you can stay young for a long time. For example, eating healthy with lots of vegetables and drinking plenty of water is one of the things that you can do alongside exercising to keep you healthy and young. But there are plenty of other things you can do that I have listed in a list below for your convenience:

  1. Avoid as much stress as possible. Of course, you can’t always do that, and certainly, as you get older, many things come your way that you aren’t waiting for. Try to ensure that you can process the nasty things that come your way as well as possible. Do not hesitate to call in help.
  2. Surround yourself by young people. It is wonderful to hear from young people what moves them and how they look at life. Of course, it requires an open mind, and you cannot hold on to stuck thoughts. But if you are open to new things, it will certainly keep your mind young. There are many opportunities to meet and connect with young people. Join an association, choose a new sport, or see if you can do volunteer work in your place of residence.
  3. Keep learning new things. To keep your brain young it is important that you take on challenges and they can be a bit exciting. It can also be learning a new language or a new sport.
  4. Keep exercising, and do a lot of strength training to maintain your muscle strength.
  5. Hug a lot, no explanation is needed.
  6. Sleep enough and regularly. Eight hours of sleep is very important for me to feel good. I also usually keep the same bedtimes on weekends. I love to go to bed early and get up early.
  7. Laugh a lot and surround yourself with happy people. Create as many pleasant things as possible for yourself.
  8. If you are left with unclear things from your past, or if you have other spiritual obstacles, remove them. If necessary with a coach or therapist.
  9. Very important, keep updating your wardrobe. Take a closer look at your style, and if it’s a bit dated, go for a new look, which is enormously refreshing.

Ageing continues and there is nothing you can do about it except embracing it and seeing the benefits. It gives peace when you accept that you get older. I see more and more benefits of ageing, and I enjoy everything around me more and more. I no longer need to be everywhere and I no longer suffer from FOMO. That has since made way for JOMO, and I enjoy it more and more. And the wonderful thing is that it is precise because of everything I mentioned above that I feel much younger than ever before.

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