9 tips against Winter Blues

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Many people suffer from it during the winter: winter blues. The days are short and often you go to work in the dark and come home in the dark. In addition, there are weeks that you do not see the sun. I always have some problems with winter blues I have to confess. I always think winter is just too long and the rest of the seasons too short. When the summer is coming to an end and the days are getting shorter, I have to really prepare myself psychically for the winter.
In the course of time, I have collected some ideas that work well for me and that might also help you. Here are nine tips that really work:

At the top of my list is the dot: sufficient sleep. I do not always sleep well and if I have not slept well for a couple of days, my mood always deteriorates. So I certainly pay attention in this season that I go to bed on time and get 7 or 8 hours of sleep. It is also very nice to drink a Golden Milk cup before bedtime.

  1. Go out a lot. You always get a good feeling from fresh air, even though there is no trace of blue to discover. If you have the beach nearby, a walk on the beach is very good. The wind and the sea air immediately give you a boost.
  2. Plan something regularly that relaxes you. I love to schedule a sauna visit now and then.
  3. Eat light and healthy and avoid alcohol as much as possible.
  4. Very important: plan nice things, preferably every month a day or a night away. I love to go out somewhere, even if it’s just treating myself to a day on the beach or book a hotel in a city and stroll through it.
  5. Ensure you get sufficient exercise. In the winter I have to force myself to go to the gym, but if I have been, then my body and my head feel a lot better.
  6. Strive for regularity as much as possible.
  7. Sex: It not only keeps you warm, but a nice feast is also very good for your state of mind.
  8. Learn something new. Learning new things gives you a boost to your well-being, and if you have learned something new, it will give you a satisfying feeling.
I hope that these tips will help you keep the winter blues out, and keep you fit and happy during the short cold winter days. If you have more tips that you want to share, please let me know. I would love to hear them. 

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