Trofie with pesto sauce and beans

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Trofie with pesto sauce and beans is a delicious variation on an original trofie. Pasta is a favorite dish for many people, including myself. I think Trofie is a very fine paste to work with. Trofie originally came from Genoa but today it is the pasta of the golfo di tigullio. This delicious recipe comes from Liguria. Potatoes are also processed in the original recipe. However, I find it much better to use extra beans instead of the potatoes. So you have a lighter dish, and I also like it better.

For 2 people you need:
50 grams of basil leaves
1 clove of garlic
50 grams of pine nuts
120 ml of olive oil
50 grams freshly grated Pecorino
200 grams of trofie
200 grams of beans
Sea salt

Some grated Pecorino to sprinkle over the pasta if you have scooped them on the plates.

For the pesto sauce, put the basil leaves, the crushed garlic, the pine nuts (first roast lightly), the Pecorino and the salt in a high bowl and puree them with a hand blender. Then boil the trofie in water with sea salt. When it is boiling, add the beans and bring it back to the boil. So you just cook the beans with the pasta, and that is so convenient. When the pasta and beans are done, drain them (leave a small amount of water) and mix in the pesto. Spread over 2 plates and sprinkle some Pecorino over it.
This trofie is a great dish for a lunch on weekends when friends or family come to eat. Serve a nice glass of cold dry white wine, for example, a Vermentino. 

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