Mango lassi

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Lassi is a yoghurt drink that originally comes from India and Pakistan and where it is very popular. I drank it for the first time in Varanasi in India and was immediately sold. At home, I looked up recipes and saw that there are many variants in circulation. There are salty, sweet and spicy varieties, too many to mention.

The drink is very tasty and refreshing to drink during a hot summer day, but of course, you do not just have to drink it. It is also a super fast and healthy breakfast. Or perfect with a hot meal, for example, a hot curry.

I like the variation as with mango, maybe also because mango is a favourite fruit of mine. If you add lime juice again, you make this lassi extra fresh.

You need for 4 glasses:
3 ripe mangos (you can also use frozen mango)
500 ml of yoghurt
1 teaspoon cardamom
1 squeezed lime
100 grams of ice cubes
Chopped pistachio nuts or mint to sprinkle over them.

Put all ingredients except the lime in a blender and blend until everything is smooth. Then add the lime juice and a little salt. Pour in 2 glasses together with possibly some ice cream.
If necessary, garnish with the pistachio nuts and mint. Serve the lassi immediately. If you love a mango just like I is, it is also very tasty the deliciously fresh mango mousse with passion fruit.

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