Grapefruit & tonic mocktail

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A while ago I visited the Belgian coast for a few days. The season was actually already a bit done. You know that everything is actually only half-open or even closed for the winter. I was near Ostend. The weather was nice, but there were not many beach clubs open anymore.

So the choice was quickly made to rent a beach set for the day at a site with the inviting slogan “live, love laugh”. Initially, it was still fresh and we drank coffee, but soon it became really nice and warm with a radiant sun and we somehow felt like cocktails. At our beach bar, they had delicious alcohol-free cocktails. I have opted for the combination of grapefruit juice and tonic. Very tasty and refreshing. At home, I have experimented with it and added sweet and sour, which increases the freshness.

For this mocktail, I chose tonic light instead of ordinary tonic and used stevia to sweeten it. So it has become an extra slim mocktail so you can easily take an extra glass of it.

I used for this:

1 grapefruit
1 glass of light tonic (about 250 ml)
2 teaspoons of stevia
½ lime
½ glass of crushed ice cubes
Cocktail shaker

Squeeze the grapefruit and the lime and put them in the cocktail shaker. Add the stevia and the tonic and gently shake. (otherwise, it will foam too much)
Fill two glasses with the drink and fill with the ice. Put in both glasses a sprig of rosemary and possibly a slice of lime.
Serve this delicious drink immediately.

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