Couscous salad for your lunchbox

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This Couscous salad for your lunchbox is very suitable if you want to eat something different at noon and do not feel like a regular salad. Through the dressing with mandarin and lime, it tastes nice and fresh. The couscous salad is light and yet this salad fills up well so that you will spend a large part of the afternoon without getting hungry. It is quickly made, especially if you make the couscous and the dressing yourself the night before. You only have to add the dressing and other ingredients in the morning and mix them together.

For the salad you need:
100 grams of dry couscous
50-75 grams of feta
A big hand yellow raisins
A few sprigs of mint of which you have to cut the leaves
A few sprigs of parsley, very finely cut

50 grams of pomegranate
For the dressing you need:
2 mandarins pressed out
½ lime squeezed out
A few tablespoons of olive oil
Salt and pepper 
Prepare the couscous according to the instructions and put it covered in the refrigerator so that it is well cold the next morning. In the morning, put the couscous that you have just stirred, in a mixing bowl and fry the feta, raisins, mint, parsley and pomegranate through it.
Mix the mandarin juice, lime, olive oil and salt and pepper together. You can also put this dressing through if you made the couscous salad, but I find it more comfortable to take it in a separate bowl and only pour it over when I eat the salad. Transfer it to your lunch box. So you have a healthy and delicious salad for your work in no time at all.

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