A delicious fresh mango mousse with passion fruit

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This dessert, a delicious fresh mango mousse with passion fruit is made with one of my favourite fruits. The mango, like many other beautiful fruits, originally comes from India. The mango lends itself for combination with many other flavours from sweet to spicy. Be careful that you use beautiful fresh mangos. Mangos frozen or canned miss the fine taste. So my advice, do not go for convenience, because the mango can be peeled and cut so hard. Grab a fresh mango and make “dirty” hands. The nuances of the soft mango come into their own due to the addition of the fresh taste of the lime. The balance between the two provides a nice basis for this delicious mousse.

2 mangos
Piece of ginger
350 ml of Greek yoghurt
2 Passionfruit
1 orange
A few drops of vanilla essence

Put the juice of a pressed orange together with very thin slices of ginger in a pan and let it simmer for about 10 minutes.
Meanwhile, peel and cut the mango into pieces.
Put in the food processor the yoghurt, the slightly cooled orange juice, mango, lime juice and vanilla essence and mix until you have a nice smooth mixture.
Divide the whole over four glasses or bowls and put in the refrigerator until use (and a few hours).
Cut the passion fruit and scoop each pea with a shovel of the flesh. If you, like me, are a mango lover, take a look at this recipe Mango Lassi.

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